I am a Wife, Mother, Occupational Therapist, Hydrotherapist, Tutor, Lifeguard, sometimes surfer, all times dog walker, and owner/manager of Bare Bodycare. I’m quite a busy lady.

On becoming a mum, I was disappointed by a limited range of available natural baby skincare products and decided to do something about it. My son developed eczema at around 12 weeks old and I struggled to find bathing products that he could tolerate, and in particular natural products. I made it my mission to create something gentle enough for us to use.

Following a period of training and studying, I set about developing my own small range of handmade baby cosmetics. This resulted in ‘Bare Bodycare’ and specifically ‘Baby Bare’ – a range of extremely gentle products, designed to nourish and protect babies’ precious skin, scalp and hair.

I use only natural ingredients and have specifically packaged products for hygiene and convenience – to meet the needs of busy parents. All products I make are SLS and Paraben free and rich in conditioning oils, butters and beeswax.  Each of my products has undergone safety assessment with a cosmetic chemist, and has been approved for use with babies (and can also be shared by children and adults!).

I have become obsessed with natural skincare – and in particular, natural skincare for children. I absolutely love my brand and feel really excited about the business developing and maturing. As my son grows (he is now nearing 3 years of age) the business is evolving to match his changing needs; I am currently learning about and developing products for children aged 3+. I love that the brand and the products are so much part of him (and I!), and I hope that as he matures, he is able to be proud of something that he so specifically inspired.

Cath Mather






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