Stress in pregnancy

In June last year (2012), the Royal College of Midwives published findings that “almost half of eczema in babies is due to stress during pregnancy”.

I experienced a great deal of stress during my first pregnancy – and sure enough, my boy suffered terrible eczema. Whether that was as a result of my ‘state of mind’ during the pregnancy, or whether it was simply unlucky, is impossible to tell.

And so here i am, pregnancy number 2. Armed with those ‘findings’ and wondering how will my next little one be?

And the ‘findings’ really are a double edged sword. Is this another way of making mums feel ‘guilty’? If your child develops eczema, might you think ‘oh i should have relaxed more/attended more yoga classes etc etc when i was pregnant’. In other words, might you think ‘its all my fault’?

Unfortunately, i expect so.

i’d love to have a stress-free, blissful, 9 months. Growing my baby. Rubbing my tummy. Practising yoga. Going for massages. However, in reality, this aint happening……

I’m sorry in advance baby number two. I’m trying my best. Now pass me that Lavender oil……..