I’m sitting still. Actually sitting. Not doing anything that I ‘should’.

Obviously, I am writing this blog post. But I don’t have a plan for it – where it’s going – I don’t even know what the purpose of it is. The most important thing is, I’m sitting. And even more importantly, I’m cuddling my baby whilst he sleeps.


Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than a baby sleeping? All the trials and tribulations of family life – and yet when baby sleeps, all is well with the world. I could watch him forever. When did he get so big? What was I doing when he napped yesterday? Or the day before? Why wasn’t I doing this?

‘Time’ has a lot to answer for. ‘Time’ means I might prioritise work, or the shopping, or walking the dog. What a shame. The ‘in arms’ phase is so short (I have to steal kisses and cuddles from my 4 year old now – he’s too busy!). Surely when I’m prioritising my time I should be ensuring that the baby nap cuddles take precedence over everything else.

I used to, but then the ‘chores’ crept in. The chores can wait today. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.



We’re packing to move house.


And its it’s a big move for us. Not only because the last time we moved we had no children, and now we have two……and a lot of toys…..But also because we have an emotional tie to this, our first home.

My first son was born here in the living room. It was an experience I will never forget and I can remember that night like it was yesterday. We were so nervous, and excited. My husband made a big saucepan of soup for the midwives and of course none of us ate. But it was home – the smell of the soup cooking, the dim light from our candles, the bed, and the bath, and our HOME. I had the most profound experience of my life in that place.

And soon we’ll have a new home.

I suspect it won’t feel quite the same……