Giving up the ‘business’

I’m a problem solver. That’s what I do. Sort things out. It’s one of the things I do best.

Show me a ‘can’t’ and I’ll show you ‘can’. Show me an ‘I dont know’ and I swear I’ll show you an ‘I’ll find out’. Show me an ‘I’m frightened’ and I’ll show you a ‘hell, do it anyway!’

I started making natural skincare products to try and solve the ‘problem’ of my first son’s dry skin. I LOVE learning, so I studied and practised, and I made some lovely stuff for him.

And now, with baby number 2, both my kids benefit daily from their own little bespoke skincare range.

But the thing is, it was never meant to be a business. I guess that has been a byproduct really.

Its great that other people are using and enjoying the stuff. And hey, maybe someone will feel inspired by my journey, and be encouraged to do something to solve their own problem(s).

But I don’t enjoy business. No. Not at all. I enjoy creativity, and beauty, and peace and kindness. I enjoy people and new places, and new challenges, and learning. I enjoy overcoming difficulties, and finding the answer. I enjoy exploring natures gifts – the beautiful oils and herbs that are our natural healers.

But I don’t enjoy business. Not at all.

I enjoy the opportunities that it exposes me to. But I can’t stand the ‘selling’. The ‘transaction’. The value judgement that is made as a result.

I love my products. I love that I have preserved my childrens skin despite eczema, and chicken pox, and this rash, and that allergy. I’m proud of the work I have put into it. But I’m not a natural business woman.

And I’m wondering if and when it might be time to just stop…. After all, I solved the problem didn’t i?


4 thoughts on “Giving up the ‘business’

  1. It’s incredibly sad when you have such gifts to share with people, who don’t have your talents but do have similar issues to deal with in their own children. Being in business does require a bit of a thick skin, but more importantly it takes a different kind of mindset, to be able to see selling as your duty. A duty to the many women who are struggling to help their children, and who would gladly pay to resolve their suffering. Once you find your perfect clients, it doesn’t feel so icky, and instead of judgement you wind up with raving fans! Jo x

  2. It’s a shame to know that you have such talent and then can’t face sharing it with the many women that desperately need help with their own children, because of the sales aspect of running a business. While it’s true that you need a thicker skin in business, what it really takes is a different mindset. Once you get in front of the customers that really want what you have, you won’t need to be salesy, because they won’t be sitting in judgement, they’ll be raving fans. Jo xx

    • Thank you so much for your kind supportive comments. I am hoping to now relax a while and allow things to evolve with the business/be visible and available to others without pressuring myself to ‘put it out there’. This has been a very busy past 12 months and I’m re-evaluating my work/life balance a little. It means such a lot to hear your wonderfully positive and supportive comments. Thank you!x

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