10 Downing Street

I’m just a little business. A mum. Working from home.

I had an idea and I ran with it.

I look after my children’s skin. Naturally. With products I designed, created, invented, myself.

And then this happened:


And i I found myself being ‘celebrated’ as one of 100 small businesses in the UK. 100 folks that had decided to ‘have a go’ and create something from scratch. “Come to Downing Street” they said. “We want to meet you” they said. Ha, I am so out of my depth! I was so uncomfortable in that long grey coat. And so cold! I’m a practical girl. I like ‘wet weather gear’ and ‘insulation’ and ‘walking boots’. Not dresses and stockings and shiny shoes.

I met this guy:


And some other MPs. Say what you will – I’m not a fan of politics. I wasn’t terribly impressed. But I WAS quite chuffed with myself. ‘Well done Cath’…..’These guys like your story’….. I guess I should be quite proud.


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