The big eczema secret

When my first son was battling eczema, the solution seemed to be so out of reach.

I tried different products – dozens of them.

i researched different ingredients.

i drove myself insane trying to find a way to end his suffering.

It consumed me. Day and night. (Yep I became quite a bore! My poor husband…..)

So son number two has been showing some signs of the dreaded eczema too. But I’m on it like a hawk.

My ingredient of choice is Shea butter. 100%. I love the stuff. My baby butter is rich in the stuff and my baby is lathered in it All. The. Time.


Because you see, I discovered the secret of heading it off at the pass. Or keeping it under control if you’re already it it’s clutches. There’s no magic remedy for eczema. No special magic ingredient. No one thing that works for all. It’s just incredibly simple really. Apply, apply, apply.

I expect my first son’s skin was somewhat dehydrated. I thought I was doing enough. Body butter in the morning. Body butter at night. But now I see the results on baby number two. I’m covering him, massaging him, stroking his skin with my delicious baby butter over and over again. Repeatedly through the day. And I seem to be winning this battle this time.


Find your product of choice (or mine!) and just keep going.

It really is that simple.


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