Stretch marks

So I am nearing 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and my mind is turning to the dreaded stretch mark…….

I got away without gaining any in my first pregnancy – but I was religious about greasing myself morning and night. After trying some of the ‘high street’ oils and butters, I finally settled on using just pure coconut oil. And it worked really well. And saved me a fortune.

But the downside was the heaviness of the oil.

Coconut oil is a lovely, highly moisturizing, nourishing oil, but it is also a very fatty oil. As such, it sits on the skin for some time, taking quite a while to absorb fully. Last pregnancy, I spent many an hour at home naked, and glistening, greased up like a chip. Unable to sit down, or dress, or touch anything.

This pregnancy I already have a 3 year old to entertain, a dog to walk and a business to run. I don’t have time to swan about naked, waiting for my oil to soak in.

So I am developing a new tummy oil blend. MY tummy oil blend.

It will certainly have coconut oil in it (I love it), but will be combined with a number of ‘lighter’, ‘shorter’,  more easily absorbed oils – for those busy ladies amongst us.

And besides, I’m pregnant during Autumn and Winter this time…….nudity isn’t quite so appealing….


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