Going with the flow

I used to think that it was really important to have a plan.

I’m not so sure about that anymore. I think the events of the past 4 or so years, have shown me that planning is often a little bit futile.  I guess its good to have an idea of where you want to go – but i am constantly being surprised by the curve balls that life throws at me, and so am now trying to expect the unexpected. And take things as they come. And be open to changes. And go with the flow……..ImageMy son was ‘gifted’ to me, after a chance meeting with my (now) husband, which followed a dramatic surfing accident, which pretty much changed the course of my (up to then very planned) life. Had i never had that knock to the head…..

The birth of my son re-prioritised my entire existence. All plans were forthwith thrown out of the proverbial window. My new ‘plan’ became – eat, sleep, love and learn how to be a mother. And for me, learning how to become a mother, meant learning how to look after my son. Which also meant learning how to look after his very delicate (and then damaged) skin. Which meant – learning how to create my small business.

If i hadnt had that surfing injury, i’d have never met my husband. And never had my son. And never realised how delicate and precious babys’ skin is. And never learnt my trade. And never set up my wonderful gentle creative small business.

I try to constantly remind myself of the power of ‘synchronicity’ when evolving this business. There are those who tell me i need to ‘plan’, and i need a ‘strategy’, and i should develop a ‘policy’ etc etc. But this isnt a military operation. Not an ‘attack’ on the consumer.  I am moving forward slowly but surely – using feelings as a guide. And being open to the next development (whatever that might be….).

If life has taught me anything so far – its throw those plans out the window. You just dont know whats coming………but never fear…….if the recent past is anything to go by, i’ve got a feeling its gonna be good.





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