When you’re winning

It feels amazing to have had one of my natural baby skincare products recognised in The Green Parent Natural Beauty awards this year. Image

I know my beautiful baby products are wonderful. And i know how hard i’ve worked to develop the range over the past couple of years. And i know how deliciously soft my son’s skin is as a result. And i know i how very much this little business means to me.

It is another ‘baby’. I conceived the idea. I have watched it grow from a tiny seed, and it is just beginning to sit up on its own. We’ll be crawling next.

But to have a product of mine (baby massage oil) voted for by parents and beauty reviewers, has given me the most overwhelming joy.  It can be very hard to keep the momentum going when you work for yourself. Self-belief isnt always a given.

This award has been the most wonderful acknowledgement – of the time, and effort, and thought, and love and patience that has gone in creating my little business. Thank you so much. It is giving me the momentum to keep on keeping on.




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