When you find the ‘right’ doctor……

I have made countless trips to my local GP surgery with my precious precious boy. In his short little life so far, he has been stripped, examined, prodded and poked too many times to mention. And yet, the response was always the same. ‘Hydrocortisone twice a day for 5 days’, ‘Doublebase on the skin and in the bath’ (or Hydromol, or Epaderm, or Oilatum, or some other horrible bucket of grease – we were offered them all), ‘anti-biotic cream’ (thrown in for good measure). And my pleas of ‘but its not working’, ‘his skin cant breathe’ etc etc fell on deaf ears. After i started making my own body butter for him, i just took the prescriptions, every time they were given, and binned them. Never bothered cluttering up my bathroom with anymore of those horrible clinical looking pots of gunk.

And horror of horrors – she’s making her own ‘stuff’!!!!!! I made the mistake once of telling a GP (i’m not sure i ever saw the same one twice) that i had created my own cream for my baby. Ha, that went down like a lead balloon. The disapproval! I mean, after feeding him, clothing him, nursing him, keeping him ALIVE for heavens sake (well, thats what we do essentially isnt it?!) – how on earth could i be trusted to take control over/make decisions about what i put on his skin???Well, take control is exactly what i did. No more petroleum based rubbish. And his skin was not miraculously cured – but it is beautiful and soft and moisturised and plump and delicious.

Anyway, the story doesn’t end there. I have since found a doctor – consultant none the less – who has transformed our lives. She understands eczema. She understands my son. She understands me, as a parent. And she is fabulous. I look forward to our visits. I hang on her every snippet of advice and insight. I would do ANYTHING she advised me to do for my son. The improvement has been remarkable. Y’see its all about finding the ‘right’ doctor. Dont give up. Whatever you do, dont give up.


4 thoughts on “When you find the ‘right’ doctor……

  1. just come across this (via your more recent bad habits post!) – and felt compelled to say yay to you! my dd never had eczema that badly, but i noticed early on any prescription cream just spread it rather than improving it, and once she could communicate she told me it made her itchy! pretty rapidly came to the conclusion she’s allergic to petroleum based products (almost all of them!) – i think it’s something doctors aren’t prepared to accept even exists, but even now at 8 yo we just use beeswax-based barriers – and rave about them to anybody who’s child suffers from eczema!

    • Hi Vic,
      Thanks for your comments, and thanks so much for the yay! Eczema is bloody awful – and kids suffer terribly don’t they? I had a bit of a battle with GPs, and i don’t know why they are so attached to that limited range of petroleum based gunk. So glad you enjoyed the post. And thanks for getting in touch. Its lovely to hear from readers.

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